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Al Faysal Industrial Group is a Kuwaiti company that was established in 1991 under the name of Al Faysal Bakery. The company first produced croissants, Arabic sandwiches and mini pizza. Within three years we developed a production line to facilitate the growing demand for our quality foods and desserts. Sweets were introduced to our company in 1994.  The company production increased and we relocated to a larger facility in Sabhan industrial area and we became Al Faysal industrial group. We focus on the production and sales of croissants, mini pizza, Arabic sandwiches, rusks, cup cakes, oriental sweets (baqlwa), chocolates and mini sandwiches. Our focus is to satisfy our customer demand for premium quality pastries and sweets. We distribute our products to government ministries, supermarkets (cooperative societies), private schools, small vendors in Kuwaiti residential and industrial areas. The core values of the company are; high supply reliability, continuous high quality, a high level of certification, smart innovations and short development processes.


The most important consumers are purchasing our products from super markets, private schools and small vendors. Our company is very versatile and we thrive on delivering our products at specific times. We have a fleet of 74 vehicles (truck and cargo vans). Al Faysal Industrial Group is a large company with around 750employees. We offer our products in fourteen showrooms of our own, new product are introduced on a monthly basis. Within the different product groups, Al Faysal Industrial Group is considered the most reputable company of its kind in Kuwait.

Al Faysal Industrial Group Capital      

  The capital and profit has continued to grow every year since 1991.  



Al Faysal Industrial Group thrives on providing fresh quality foods and desserts .We would like to expand in the Middle East, our company will continue to be innovative and operate as the main distributor in Kuwait. We seek to acquire a partnership with a unique corporation from abroad to promote new bakery products. Products under private patent labels and our products can be sold together in local and regional markets.


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